20 Natural Tourist Attractions in Aceh, from Beaches to Waterfalls

Best Aceh Tourist Spot for Holidays

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Baliindonesiaholidays.com Aceh Tourist attractions – Aceh is a province at the tip of Sumatra Island which has a variety of tourist attractions, ranging from marine tourism to nature tourism.

The stunning natural beauty makes various tourist attractions in Aceh not to be missed, especially if you are visiting there.

Don’t forget to also taste the typical culinary delights that will make your traveling session even more complete.

Best Aceh Tourist Spot – 20 tourist attractions in Aceh that are interesting to visit.

1. Beach Lhok Mee

The white sandy Lhok Mee beach is located in Lamreh Village, Great Mosque, Aceh Besar. This tourist attraction is about 35 kilometers (km) from Banda Aceh.

The beach management has provided various facilities and attractions for visitors, including floating bridges and volleyball nets.

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A number of stalls selling food and drinks can also be found in this place. 

2. Danau Laut Tawar

13 20 Natural Tourist Attractions in Aceh, from Beaches to Waterfalls
Lake laut tawar

Laut Tawar Lake is a lake and tourist area located in the Gayo Highlands, Central Aceh Regency, Aceh. 

On the west side of this lake there is a district city, namely the city of Takengon, which is also the capital of Central Aceh Regency.

The Gayo tribe calls this lake as Danau Lut Tawar.

Danau Laut Tawar in Aceh is above the Gayo Highlands, and can be reached for about seven hours from Banda Aceh.

When traveling on the lake surrounded by hills,

visitors can rent a boat to sail to the middle of the lake.

The beautiful panorama makes this Aceh tourist spot a pity to miss.

3. Pria Laot Waterfall

Pria laot waterfall sabang

Pria Laot Waterfall is located in remote Weh Island, Sabang, Aceh.

Visitors need to walk through steep rocks and across rivers to reach this waterfall.

Under the rush of the waterfall, there is a pool with an area of ​​10 square meters which is between one and one and a half meters deep

4. Rubiah Island

15 20 Natural Tourist Attractions in Aceh, from Beaches to Waterfalls
Rubiah island

For lovers of diving  and snorkeling activities, Rubiah Island is one of the tourist attractions that can be visited while in Aceh.

The island which is included in the Sabang City area is famous for its underwater scenery. 

The island is also home to 14 protected marine life.

For visitors who do not bring their own diving equipment, they can rent it at the place with prices starting from IDR 400,000 per person.

5. Goa Sarang

17 20 Natural Tourist Attractions in Aceh, from Beaches to Waterfalls
goa sarang

Just like Pria Laot Waterfall, Goa Sarang is also located on Pulau Weh. 

Called Goa Sarang because this tourist attraction is filled with swallow nests.

This cave has a mouth that directly faces the sea. 

Therefore, if the weather is sunny, tourists can see the Aceh Besar Regency which is located on the opposite side of the island.

The view of the sunset ( sunset ) at Goa Sarang makes the attraction in this Aceh tourist spot so a pity to miss.

6. Mount Jaboi

Mount Jaboi is an active volcano in Jaboi Village, Sukajaya District, Sabang.

This mountain has a height of about 200 meters above sea level (masl). 

Although not so high, the hiking trail is considered quite challenging.

This Aceh tourist spot is also connected to Mount Leuo in Berawang Village, Sabang, Aceh.

7. Lake Aneuk Laot

Not only Laut Tawar Lake, Aceh also has Aneuk Laot Lake in Sabang City. 

Visitors can play in the water or just relax on the edge of observing the lake water.

8. Dermaga Pantai Menye

19 20 Natural Tourist Attractions in Aceh, from Beaches to Waterfalls
pante menye

Laut Tawar Lake offers several tourist sites, one of which is the wooden pier on the Pantai Menye.

This pier is in the form of a boat back which was built on the shores of Lake Laut Tawar, Takengon, Central Aceh.

To reach this Aceh tourist spot, visitors can use two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles.

9. Buntul Rintis

21 20 Natural Tourist Attractions in Aceh, from Beaches to Waterfalls
buntul rintis

The Buntul Rintis tourist attraction is located in Desa Tensaren, Kecamatan Bebesen, Kabupaten Aceh Tengah.

This tourist attraction is in the form of hills that have several rides. Visitors can find  photo spots with various concepts.

Meanwhile, some  of the visitors’ favorite spots include hanging bicycles, replica windmills, and  butterfly spots.

10. Dedalu Pier

Dedalu Pier is located around Lake Laut Tawar. This tourist attraction provides small huts for visitors who want to see Lake Laut Tawar from the edge.

Not only that, there is  a favorite photo spot in the form of a wooden road overlooking the hills and lakes.

If lucky, visitors can also try to ride horses belonging to local residents who sometimes look for grass around Lake Laut Tawar.

11. Pantan Terong

23 20 Natural Tourist Attractions in Aceh, from Beaches to Waterfalls
pantan terong

Pantan Terong can be a choice of tourist attractions in Aceh, its location is on a hilltop in the Gayo Highlands area. 

Visitors can see the landscape of Central Aceh Regency from this place.

There are two paths that can be taken to get to the top of Pantan Terong.

The first lane is for visitors who come by motorized vehicle.

While other paths are used by visitors who want to walk to the top.

12. Bur Lancuk Leweng

Bur Lancuk Leweng is located on a hill, precisely in Asir Asir Village, Lut Tawar District, Central Aceh.

This hill was once used as a flyover.

Visitors can also set up tents and camp in this place. 

13. Blang Kolam Waterfall

25 20 Natural Tourist Attractions in Aceh, from Beaches to Waterfalls
blang kolam Waterfall

The tourist attraction of Blang Pool Waterfall can be found in the middle of the forest in Sido Muliyo Village, Nisam Antara. The location is said to be quite remote

Even so, the facilities at this Aceh tourist spot are quite complete. Visitors can even find stalls owned by local residents.

14. Tansaran Bidin Waterfall

27 20 Natural Tourist Attractions in Aceh, from Beaches to Waterfalls
tansaran bidin waterfall

One more waterfall that can be a choice of tourist attractions in Aceh, namely the Tansaran Bidin Waterfall.

This destination is located in a pine forest in the village of Tansaran Bidin, Bandar, Bener Meriah, Aceh.

If you want to visit this 70 meter high waterfall, visitors need to pass a footpath about 300 meters from the nearest village.

This waterfall has a fairly swift river flow, so visitors need to be careful when playing water along the waterfall flow.

15. Pucok Krueng

Pucok Krueng is a tourist spot in the form of a cave with a blue pool. This Aceh tourist spot is located in Mon Ikeun Village, Lohknya, Aceh Besar.

Access to this tourist attraction is quite difficult. Because, tourists have to pass through a steep path that has not been paved around the residents’ plantations.

16. Keluang Island

Keluang Island is one of the camping sites in Aceh. Visitors can access this place by boarding a boat belonging to a local resident.

Administratively, Keluang Island is located in Jaya District or about 78 km from Banda Aceh.

17. Tsunami Museum

29 20 Natural Tourist Attractions in Aceh, from Beaches to Waterfalls
museum tsunami aceh

The Aceh Tsunami Museum is one of the tourist attractions in Aceh that must be visited by tourists while spending time in the province. 

This museum is a monument to commemorate the earthquake and tsunami that hit Aceh in 2004.

The building, which is located in Banda Aceh, stores various objects that illustrate how terrible the disaster was,

as well as being a center for education and evacuation if the tsunami disaster occurs again.

18. Ujong Kareung Beach

Ujong Kareng Beach is one of the natural attractions located in Sabang City, precisely in Ujong Kareung, Sukajaya.

This tourist spot offers a stretch of white sand with coral rocks along the shoreline. Visitors can also fish on this beach.

19. Kilometer Nol

31 20 Natural Tourist Attractions in Aceh, from Beaches to Waterfalls
kilometer nol Indonesia

One of the iconic buildings in Sabang is the Zero Kilometer Monument. This 22.5 meter high monument is a replica of the typical Acehnese weapon, the rencong.

visitors can see the ocean view from this place. Not only that, they generally also get a certificate from the Sabang City Tourism Office as a sign of having visited the Zero Kilometer Monument.

20. Silelangit Waterfall

Silelangit Waterfall is located in Singgersing Village, Sulat Daulat District, Subulussalam City. This tourist attraction is a terraced waterfall surrounded by trees.

Silelangit Waterfall can be accessed by boat with a travel time of about one hour from Singgersing.

that’s 20 interesting tourist attractions in aceh to visit.

if you visit aceh you must dress neatly, because aceh is a province in Indonesia that applies Islamic law.

This means that when traveling to Aceh, you must dress neatly, you can’t wear a bikini in any place.
If you don’t follow the rules, you might get whipped

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