21 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Indonesia Very Romantic

Honeymoon Destinations in Indonesia – Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world which has 18.000 islands. With so many islands, indonesia have so many choices of tourist destinations. 

And especially for you newlywed couples or those of you who want to spend a honeymoon with a beautiful, calm and romantic natural atmosphere, you can find it in various regions in Indonesia.

Most honeymoon places in Indonesia are dominated by areas located on the beach with beautiful and soothing views of the beach and sea. 

But make no mistake because there are also several honeymoon spots in Indonesia which are located in mountainous…

… or forest areas so that it will provide a different honeymoon experience with the cool air, green environment and no less beautiful scenery.

The following baliindonesiaholidays.com summarizes various honeymoon/romantic honeymoon places in Indonesia:

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Indonesia

1. Takabonerate, Sulawesi Selatan

Takabonerate, Sulawesi Selatan

Honeymoon Here: For honeymooners who like the atmosphere of the sea and beaches, Takabonerate National Park, located in South Sulawesi Province, is the most suitable place. 

This honeymoon place has the beauty of a beach with white sand surrounded by very clear and crystal clear sea water. 

In this 220,000 hectare national park, there are 21 islands that you can visit. 

There are not as many visitors as Bali or Lombok. 

So you can enjoy a romantic atmosphere with your partner without being disturbed by many people. 

Takabonerate also has the third largest coral atoll in the world, and the first in Southeast Asia.

2. Kampung Sampireun, Garut

Kampung Sampireun, Garut

Honeymoon Here: Sampireun Village in Garut has become one of the favorite places for people who want to honeymoon.

With a traditional Sundanese village feel, here you will be invited to live in a bungalow built on a lake.

Imagine how romantic it is to stay together in a quiet and beautiful place, surround the lake in a canoe, pamper your body at the spa…

…and have dinner in bamboo bales accompanied by the dim light of candles and stars.

3. Ubud, Bali

Kampung Sampireun, Garut

Honeymoon Here Beacause: Ubud is a paradise for couples from all over the world for their honeymoon.

The natural atmosphere is green, calm and beautiful, especially with the soothing sound of flowing river water and views of tropical forests and expansive rice fields making it one of the best honeymoon spots in Indonesia.

There are many resorts and hotels that are suitable for a honeymoon with your partner here.

4. Moyo Island, West Nusa Tenggara

Moyo Island, West Nusa Tenggara

Where else can you two be without anyone else around if not in the middle of the forest?

On Moyo Island, you can enjoy a romantic atmosphere like a world owned by both in the middle of a beautiful and quiet tropical forest.

Even in the middle of the forest, it does not mean that you are far from comfort.

There are several resorts here that do provide a luxurious place to stay.

Moyo Island is also famous for the beauty of waterfalls and beaches.

Here you can enjoy candlelit dinner accompanied by the sound of waves and soft sand under your feet.

5. Seram Island / Ora, Maluku

Pulau Seram ora maluku

Located on Seram Island, many people call this romantic place by the name of Ora Island.

Even though Ora is the name of the beach and the most famous resort here.

With a private atmosphere with very few visitors, you and your partner will feel like you are on a private island and beach.

you can also enjoy the beauty of mountains, cliffs, forests, and coral reefs that are still very natural.

Plus each bungalow is built on super clear sea water. If you want to snorkel or swim, stay out the door.

With all the beauty it has made Ora Island as one of the honeymoon places in Indonesia that you must consider.

6. Raja Ampat, Papua

Raja Ampat, Papua

Best Destinations In Indonesia – Not only a paradise for divers, Raja Ampat is also a romantic honeymoon place in Indonesia for newlyweds.

The beauty of the underwater, coral reefs, and beaches, will be a special complement when spending your honeymoon.

Located in West Papua, the beauty of Raja Ampat has been known to foreign countries.

There are hundreds of types of coral reefs and beautiful types of sea fish in its waters.

On the beach of each of its small islands, there is tempting white sand.

For newlyweds, enjoying Raja Ampat is a dream honeymoon. It’s like a honeymoon in heaven.

7. Gili Trawangan Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

Gili lombok Indonesia

Romantic honeymoon place will certainly make the honeymoon more memorable.

Especially if you choose a romantic honeymoon place in Gili Trawangan, Lombok, the atmosphere is suitable for a honeymoon.

You can enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the two by looking at the sunset on the beach.

The cool and beautiful natural atmosphere will add a romantic impression for honeymooners.

Gili Trawangan honeymoon place in Lombok is also famous for the beauty of the underwater world.

Gili Trawangan is truly an underwater tourist paradise in Lombok. Many coral reefs and various fish, as well as clear blue water.

This is an underwater paradise, if you honeymoon to Gili Trawangan tourist attractions in Lombok, do not miss the opportunity to snorkel there with your partner.

The beauty of the underwater world is so beautiful, it is a pity if it is not captured with a camera.

Another advantage Gili Trawangan Lombok compared to other islands in Indonesia is free pollution.

motorcycle are strictly prohibited from operating there. Instead, the means of Transportation used are bicycles and cidomo.

Cidomo is a kind of horse carriage typical of Lombok, NTB. Cycling around the island with your partner will certainly be a romantic activity during your honeymoon.

Gili Trawangan Lombok has beaches facing west and East.

The distance between these beaches is not too far. Simply walk or ride cidomo, tourists can already enjoy the sunset and sunrise on one island.

It’s so romantic to enjoy it with your partner.

8. Gili Air Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

Gili Air Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

Located in West Nusa Tenggara, Gili Air has become a favorite honeymoon spot in Indonesia for tourists.

Here, you can enjoy the breezy beach breeze while drinking coconut ice.

The island is located closest to Lombok, offers a quiet beach atmosphere.

No wonder this island is the target of couples for a honeymoon.

The island is also equipped with hotels, restaurants, discos, and also places of worship. Complete accommodation here.

There are many activities you can do in Gili Air. One of the mandatory activities that should not be missed is snorkeling.

The underwater view of Gili Air is so beautiful. You can see colorful sea fish and beautiful coral reefs.

Spending the night while walking both should not be missed either. You can feel the softness of the white sand directly with your partner.

Another romantic activity that can be done in Gili Air is looking at the island while sitting on top of mangrove trees both.

9. Seminyak Beach, Bali

Seminyak Beach, Bali

Bali can not be separated from the word romance. Honeymoon with your partner on this island must be special.

If you walk north from Kuta beach, you will arrive at the best beach to see the sunset or sunset is Seminyak Beach.

The atmosphere of this beach is not much different from kuta.

It’s just that because of its location far from the center of the crowd, visitors who come to Seminyak Beach is not as much as Kuta Beach.

You can more freely make out with your partner. No wonder this beach is included in the list of romantic honeymoon places in Indonesia.

This white sandy beach is known as the best place to see the sunset.

In addition to its Quiet Place, its location not far from Ngurah Rai Airport is also an attraction.

Here, you can enjoy the sunset while enjoying the food provided in restaurants around the beach.

You can also watch the sunset while playing on the beach, accompanied by waves and sunsets.

10. Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Lake Toba, North Sumatra

In North Sumatra, there is Lake Toba that stretches beautifully. This natural beauty also makes it one of the romantic honeymoon places in Indonesia.

The charm of the lake will fill the Beautiful Days of both of you.

A calm expanse of blue water with a green view around it will shade the view.

Sailing Lake Toba with a partner by boat, will be an unforgettable experience.

In the middle of the lake, there is Samosir Island with a distinctive culture of the Batak community.

Around the lake there are many inns that you can occupy.

Stay with your partner there and feel the beauty of Lake Toba every time. Truly a romantic honeymoon in Indonesia.

11. Pulau Weh, Aceh

pulau rubiah sabang

Pulau Weh is located in the northwest of Sumatra Island, Sabang City, North Sumatra Province. 

This island which is directly adjacent to a neighboring country will certainly provide a valuable experience. 

You can enjoy delicious culinary tours and Acehnese coffee while looking at the beach water which is very clear and the bottom is visible. 

In addition, you can also visit the zero kilometer point in Indonesia. Even though it is located at the end of Indonesia, this place has a pretty good tourism development. 

You can easily find cheap and expensive accommodation.

12. Love Island Gorontalo

Love Island Gorontalo

the best place to honeymoon in Indonesia – As the name implies, Love Island located in Gorontalo is a very right choice for those of you who want to enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon atmosphere.

Love Island is one of the main tourist destinations in Gorontalo.

On the island of love you can spend your honeymoon by staying at an Eco Resort located in the middle of the sea.

So imagine how romantic and beautiful stay together in the surrounding resort looks expanse of clear sea water.

If you are bored in the room, then you can do other interesting activities such as: exploring the island of love using a boat, snorkeling, diving or playing a swing on the beach with your partner.

Hmm … this island of Love is indeed suitable and romantic abis for your honeymoon.

13. Diving together on Alor Island, East Nusa Tenggara

Alor Island

For you and your partner who likes the natural beauty of the sea and the sea creatures in it..

…one place that you can make a reference place for a honeymoon is on the island of Alor East Nusa tenggara.

Alor Island is famous for the beauty of marine life it has. Of course this makes your honeymoon libuaran can be more memorable.

In addition to snorkeling or diving, on this island you can also fill your vacation time by visiting other places on Alor Island that are no less beautiful and good to be a honeymoon place.

One example is the Ilawe waterfall which has a very beautiful surrounding scenery…

and Batu Putih Beach which has a beautiful beach view with a long coastline and tip corners filled with rocks that make us forget the time.

14. Dusun Bambu

Dusun Bambu

Although this place is already famous, but this place is still good to enjoy a honeymoon with your partner.

You can find almost many complete and affordable tour packages in this village,

ranging from cheap lodging, luxury restaurants and also various beautiful natural attractions to elite and affordable shopping places you can find in this place.

The most thing that makes this place suitable for use as a honeymoon place is…

…a restaurant and also a place to eat that serves a variety of delicious menus complete with a variety of beautiful scenery around this place.

15. Umang Island, Banten

Umang Island, Banten

For a tourist destination may be a little less Umang Island name you can recognize as one of the places that have beautiful scenery in Banten.

If you and your partner want to go to this place, then you can say this place is the right place and suitable to be your best honeymoon place.

On the island of Umang Banten you can find a variety of resorts and attractions that have been developed.

Various activities especially water sports activities you can do on this island. 

for example, jetski, banana boat and also other sports you can enjoy while enjoying the beauty of the beach from Umang island.

16. Labuhan Bajo

labuhan bajo

The beauty of Labuhan Bajo is second to none, from its beaches, coral reefs, islands, to Komodo dragons, making many people curious and want to visit here. 

No wonder many foreign tourists come to enjoy the beauty of Labuhan Bajo.

For you newlyweds, you can honeymoon in this place. 

There are many tourist attractions in Labuhan Bajo, such as Pink Beach, Gili Laba, Bidadari Island and enjoy sunrise and sunset on Padar Island.

17. Lembang, Bandung

lembang bandung

For those of you who want to relax and enjoy the romantic atmosphere together with your partner alone, this one place seems to suit you.

With a beautiful mountain atmosphere, quiet and fresh air, of course, it can give a pleasant and private feeling for those of you who want to visit this place with your partner.

Although the mountains, but here is not camping well! 

because in this place there are already many facilities such as accommodation…

…ranging from lodging to resorts with luxurious facilities that can help you to enjoy the natural beauty that is there.

18. Banyak Islands

pulau banyak / banyak island

Banyak islands are located in the Aceh Singkil area which is one of the developing districts in Aceh.

The island consists of 99 small islands where each island has its own characteristics.

As for some of the famous islands that are included in this many island, among others Tailana, Palambak Kecil, Palambak Besar and Balai Island.

In this area you can get a variety of activities and entertainment that is fairly complete,

ranging from surfing, snorkeling, freediving, island cruising, kayaking, seeing conservation islands to jungle trekking.

Although included in the island tourism, but around the place of this island there are various resorts and also simple cottages made of wood directly and facing the beach.

For the price of staying in these places is also fairly cheap, which ranges from 200 to 250 thousand rupiah per night.

19. Labengki Island

Labengki Island

Labengki island this one may be regarded as a miniator of Raja Ampat.

How not, this island does have a beautiful nature, a comfortable natural atmosphere that differs slightly from Raja Ampat.

Any reason the island in Southeast Sulawesi is called similar to Raja Ampat is the feel it has consists of large corals that run over the ocean at various points.

Of course, with various clusters that exist in various points, Labengki island is mapped into large labengki Island and small Labengki Island.

The natural beauty of the island is fairly complete.

Starting from forests, cliffs, lagoons, to underwater biota it has is also very beautiful and also exotic.

If you like diving with your partner, this place is suitable for you to honeymoon to see various species of underwater creatures that exist in this place.

20. Karimunjawa


Karimunjawa is an archipelago in the Java Sea where the area is included in Jepara regency, Central Java.

The archipelago which has a land area of approximately 1,500 hectares of land and 110,000 hectares of water has been developed into a tourist charm with a variety of marine park tours that are much loved by local and foreign tourists.

In this islands you can also do various activities such as Island Hoping, which is jumping from one island to another because the distance is not so far. 

In addition to doing these activities, in this archipelago there are also many favorite spots to do various activities

such as seeing shark breeding on Menjangan big island, snorkeling and can also take pictures at the spot.

With the beauty of white sand it has, Of course the more make our honeymoon holiday more memorable later.

21. Bintan Island

bintan island

Bintan Island is located in Riau Islands. In contrast to Bali and also Lombok which is a famous tourist destination in Indonesia,

if you want to go to a romantic place, quiet, away from the crowd but with a beautiful natural feel,

then Bintan Island can be the best place for you to spend your honeymoon vacation with your partner.

Although this place is not widely known by tourists, but on this island there has been a many resort – a cheap resort and also an affordable hotel located beside the beach. 

Of course, with the feel of beauty and natural beauty in this island, making this island is the right Island for you on vacation with your partner to spend your honeymoon time with your partner.

All romantic honeymoon places in Indonesia that have a baliindonesiaholidays.com summarizes above have their own privileges…

…both located in the beach / sea area and around the forest and mountains.

Which one suits you and your partner?

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