What is the Best Month to Visit Bali Indonesia for Holidays

what are the best months to go to bali?– Every tourist who wants to vacation in Bali, will definitely have a vacation plan. 

There are those who plan a vacation in advance, there are also those who plan a vacation 1-2 months before the time to visit Bali. 

best Month to bali

There are several things that are always a question when planning a trip to Bali, either with the family or for a honeymoon. One of them is when is the best time to vacation in Bali?

How about you, do you also have the same question about the best time to visit Bali? 

If so, on this page I will write a guide to the best month to visit Bali. 

With the aim of getting a guide and reference for a vacation to Bali.

Seasons In Bali

rainy season

The climate and weather in Bali is very similar to the climate and weather in most parts of Indonesia. 

So for Indonesian tourists, they will not have problems in terms of weather while on vacation in Bali.

In contrast to foreign tourists, such as Chinese and European tourists, will prepare for the tropical climate. 

Before I answer about when is the best time to vacation in Bali. It’s good for me to explain about the seasons on the island of Bali.

There are two categories of seasons that occur every year on the island of Bali. 

When viewed from the weather, then there are two, namely the rainy season and dry season. 

When viewed from the level of tourist visits, there is a high season and a low season for tourist visits.

I’m sure, all of you said the right time for a vacation to Bali during the dry season. The question is, when is the dry season on the island of Bali?

The Best month To Go To Bali During The Dry Season

dry season

From my experience, the dry season on the island of Bali occurs from April to October. 

However, judging from the last two years, the dry season is longer, occurring from March to early December.

During the dry season, the possibility of rain still occurs, although most of it is only local and temporary rains. 

There are things you should pay attention to. During the dry season on the island of Bali, the air temperature will be very hot around 30-35 degrees Celsius.

The advantage of a vacation to Bali during the dry season you will be very comfortable to take part in outdoor holiday activities.

In addition to outdoor adventure activities, you will also feel very comfortable for a vacation to famous tourist attractions in Bali, such as;

Lake Beratan Bedugul Bali

Tanah Lot Temple
Uluwatu Temple
Bedugul Beratan Lake

What you need to prepare during the dry season holiday in Bali, is to prepare yourself, in order to reduce the scorching heat of the sun. You are required to wear a hat and bring an umbrella.

When is the rainy season in Bali?

rainy season in bali Indonesia

Although Bali always offers warm and dry temperatures throughout the year, the island of Bali also has a rainy season. 

The rainy season on the island of Bali usually occurs from October to March.

However, last year, heavy rain in Bali only occurred in January and February, and early March. 

Whereas in December only local rains with low intensity occur.

How bad will the rainy season in Bali affect the holidays? Even if you are on vacation during the rainy season in Bali, most likely sunny weather can still occur. 

In addition, high rainfall only occurs briefly, and in most tourist attractions in Bali there are no floods.

Peak season

peak season

Because most tourists want a vacation during the dry season in Bali, the level of tourist visits to Bali will increase. 

Both foreign tourists or Indonesian tourists. Months in Bali that have high tourist visits occur in June, July and August. 

In the middle of June and July, there are usually Eid holidays and school holidays. So the visit of Indonesian tourists to the island of Bali also increased.

Besides June, July and August, the high season in Bali also occurs in late December and early January. 

On Chinese New Year, the island of Bali is also very crowded, with Chinese tourists visiting. Chinese New Year is usually in late January or early February.

Due to the high number of tourist visits in June, July and August. 

So the crowds in Bali’s tourist attractions are unavoidable, especially Kuta beach. 

Because you’re not the only one who wants a vacation to Kuta beach, other tourists are also interested in having a vacation to Kuta beach

The Best Time To Go To Bali During The Low Season

The low season or often referred to as the low season, on the island of Bali occurs in March, early April, September, October, November, early December.

There are several advantages to vacationing in Bali during the low season. 

For example, hotel room prices are cheaper, tourist attractions on the island of Bali are not too crowded, road congestion is not severe. 

So, if your priority is to want a cheap vacation and don’t like crowds, then a vacation to Bali during the low season is the best time for you.

Then when is the best time to vacation in Bali? 

Everyone will have a different answer about when is the best time to vacation in Bali. 

So, it is impossible to suggest the best month of vacation to Bali, which can meet everyone’s criteria.

  • There are those who want a vacation on the cheapest month in Bali.
  • Some tourists, want a vacation during school holidays, because their children get a long holiday from school.
  • There are holidays during Lebaran, Christmas and New Year, because they get a long holiday from work.

When is the cheapest time to visit Bali?

In general, during holidays, tourists will avoid the rainy season, and want hotel room rates with lots of discounts. 

If you have a vacation plan to Bali like that, then the best time to vacation in Bali is October & November.

In October and November it is still the dry season, and entering the low season for tourist visits. Last year there was very little rain in Bali in October and November. 

In addition, in October and November, the price of plane tickets and accommodation in Bali is also cheaper. If you compare the months of June, July & August.

March is also included in the low season category for tourist visits to Bali. But the chance of local rain is still there although it is very rare in March. 

The average weather in March in Bali is still in the transition from the rainy season to the dry season.

Want to Vacation in Bali when the weather is sunny & school holidays

If your priority is the weather, and school holidays, then the best time to vacation to the island of Bali is in June, July, and August. Choosing the best time to visit Bali during school holidays has its drawbacks. During school holidays, road traffic in Bali will be very busy and tourist attractions in Bali will be crowded with tourist visits. In addition, hotel room prices will be more expensive than during low season holidays in Bali.

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