17 Best Beaches in Bali the Most Beautiful and Popular

If you are in Bali, what tours should you explore? The answer must be the beach because beach destinations in Bali are very interesting to visit.

The beaches in Bali are very diverse, all beaches have their own specialties, there are the best beaches in Bali for snorkeling, there are also the best beaches in Bali for families for honeymoon, for couples or you just want to play on the white sand beach.

Bali has the best beaches in the world. Don’t you want to sunbathe on Bali’s beaches?

The view of the beach in Bali is amazing and it’s a shame not to miss it. Want to know what are the best beaches in Bali?

Here is a beach tour in beautiful Bali and very popular.

Best Beachs in Bali to Visit 2022

1. Pandawa Beach – Best White Sand Beach

panda beach Bali Indonesia

Pandawa Beach is a very famous white beach tour in Bali. The attraction of this beach lies in the white and soft sand beach .

The entrance ticket price is IDR 8000 per person. You can find this Badung beach in Kutuh Village, South Kuta District, Badung.

This beach is hidden behind large limestone cliffs that provide spectacular views of the Hindia Ocean.

This beach is full of blue skies, white sand and foamy waves.Travel tips on this beach is to come in the middle of the year, namely June, July and August.

Those months are a great time to visit because that’s when you can get a good balance of sand, sun and surf.You should visit during weekends too as it’s less crowded.

2. Kuta Beach – Best Beaches for Surfing

Want to hunt for beautiful beach pictures? Just go to Kuta Beach which is located on Jl. Raya Kuta No. 1, kabupaten Badung.

kuta beach

This beach is famous for its wave activity which is suitable for surfing. If you are a person who likes surfing, you can visit this beach.

Well, to enter Kuta beach itself, there is no entrance fee or free, you know.

It’s really fun not being able to travel for free while shopping for knick-knacks.

Yes, you can find beach souvenirs around Kuta Beach because this beach is famous for being very busy with souvenir shops. 

In addition, this beach is also most popular with drinking parties.

This beach stretches north as far as the eye can see. Kuta is one of the best surfing beaches in Bali and the perfect place to enjoy the beach lifestyle.

3. Sanur Beach – Best Beaches for Snorkeling & Exotic View

sanur beach

Sanur is one of the largest traditional villages in Bali but also one of the most beautiful tourist areas.

Sanur is the first beach resort in Bali but still retains its Balinese character and old style village atmosphere.

On the southeast side of Bali, Sanur beach is easy to reach from Denpasar, about 5 to 10 minutes drive.

Sanur Beach is a famous Balinese beach which is very exotic.

morning at sanur beach

This beach is famous for its very beautiful snorkeling activity. For those of you who don’t have beach clothes or diving clothes.

You can rent it in this place to be able to dive and witness the beautiful underwater life.

There is no entrance fee to enter Sanur beach, or it is free. You can find this beach in the city of East Denpasar, Bali.

4. Melasti Beach – Romantic Beach in Badung

melasti beach

If you are looking for a beach in Badung that is far from the reach of many people, you can visit Melasti beach.

This beach photo is very exotic and romantic. No wonder many tourists visit this beach because you could say Melasti Beach is still relatively new.

Well, to be able to enter Melasti beach, you only need to pay around Rp. 10,000 only per person.

You can find this beach in Ungasan, No.8, Gg. VIII, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali.

When you go to Meslati Beach, you will feel the journey is extraordinary winding. You will go through a road full of dust and wind and past limestone cliffs. So be careful.

5. Dreamland Beach – Best Beaches For Surfing

dreamland beach bali

Similar to Kuta beach, Dreamland beach is one of the beaches in Bali which is perfect for those of you who like surfing activities.

Yes, the main attraction of Dreamland Beach is the big waves so it is perfect for surfing activities.

There is no entry fee to enter this beach. However, for tourists who enter using a four-wheeled car, a parking ticket of IDR 20,000 per car will be charged.

The address for Dreamland beach is in Pecatu Village, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali.

6. Lovina Beach – see the dolphins are very cute

lovina beach bali

Do you like dolphins? If you like a beach that is different from other beaches, you can come to Lovina beach. 

This beach is famous for the attraction of the presence of dolphins which are very cute and adorable.

If you are lucky, you can see dolphins playing on the beach.

This beach is located in Kalibukbuk village, Buleleng sub-district, Bali. Well, what’s nice is that you can enter this beach free of charge.

Make sure you come from June to August to be able to watch the dolphins appear on Lovina beach, yes!

7. Balangan Beach – quiet and away from the crowds suitable for surfing

balangan beach bali

Balangan Beach is one of the beach choices that is a destination for tourists who want to feel the beauty of the beach more calmly and away from the crowds.

Yes, it can be said that Balangan Beach is a suitable place to enjoy the beauty of Kuta beach with a calming atmosphere.

This beach is almost the same as the beach in Gunung Kidul , Indrayanti.

In addition, the attraction offered by this beach is also because the waves are good for surfing.

Those of you who are curious about the beauty of this beach can come to the village of Uluwatu, Jimbaran Village, South Kuta, Badung.

8. Tegal Wangi Beach – hanging out on the cliffs of uluwatu

tegal wangi beach

Tegal Wangi Beach is a hidden slice of paradise in the southern region of Bali.

Tegal Wangi Beach is a popular spot where locals love to hang out on the cliffs and on the pristine beach below.

Not many tourists know about Tegal Wangi as people are attracted to the more popular beaches in Uluwatu.

So it’s the right time for you to explore Tegal Wangi Beach before it becomes a new hot spot location!

Tegal Wangi Beach is located in the southern region of Bali known as the Bukit Peninsula. If you live in the Uluwatu area, you can rent a motorbike for around 50,000 rupiah per day and head to Tegal Wangi Beach.

If you are coming from Kuta, Seminyak or Canggu, it takes 1 hour to 1.5 hours to reach Tegal Wangi Beach.

There is no entry fee to visit this beautiful beach paradise unlike most beaches in Uluwatu.

You will see a dirt trail from the parking lot that leads directly to the top of the cliff at Tegal Wangi Beach.

9. Jimbaran Beach – relax, eat and shopping

jimbaran beach

Jimbaran Beach has a unique combination of offering beach views, luxury resorts and authentic local beach food.

Jimbaran Beach is a great place to relax, eat seafood on the beach, visit local markets and spend the day at the beach.

Within the beach, you will find many local shops, in particular, restaurants that serve fresh fish in the morning. On this beach you can see fishermen still bringing their catch.

There may not be as many restaurants as other beaches, but this Jimbaran beach has some delicious local and international food options here.

To be able to visit Jimbaran Beach Bali, you do not need to pay an entrance ticket or it is free.

The beach is also open 24 hours a day, so you are free to visit anytime.

But if you want to enjoy the sunset at the best place, you must visit from 16:00.

Curious about the location of this beach? Just come to Jimbaran, Kec. Kuta Sel., Badung Regency, Bali.

If you are in Bali, don’t miss the tourist attractions listed above, OK!

There are many lists of beaches in Bali that can be used as a vacation reference. Of all the references, there are several places that you should visit, namely:

10. Amed Beach – Best for Snorkeling

amed beach

In this Amed beach, the activity that must be done is snorkeling. When snorkeling at this beach, you will find a shipwreck that is quite legendary.

The wreck was a ship used by the Japanese for patrolling. It is said that the ship became one of the relics of Japan during the colonial period / was the 2nd sundial.

11. Nusa Dua Beach – Fenomena water blow

nusa dua beach

Nusa Dua Beach has a very impressive and beautiful natural phenomenon. This phenomenon is water blow.

The phenomenon of water blow is the sound of ocean waves hitting large rocks. The resulting wave crashes look like a bowl.

12. Blue Point Beach – best waves for surfing

blue point beach

This beach in Bali, you will find the best waves for surfing. It’s just that it takes a struggle when surfing at this blue point beach. You have to go down the stairs first with the number of steps reaching hundreds.

13. Green Bowl Beach – Best for Honeymoon

green bowl beach

The characteristics of this beach lies not only in the number of caves, but also the phenomenal natural charm. This charm is also the reason for the name Green Bowl Beach.

On this most beautiful beach there is a unique line of rocks. All natural corals that exist, have been overgrown with moss. So the view from the rock is very similar to a bowl.

Because of this, this beach was named the Green Bowl Beach, which means green bowl.

As for the existing cave, it is a sacred cave / place for worship.

Inside the cave you will find dozens of offerings. In addition, you will also see rows of bats hanging on the roof of the cave.

14. Canggu Beach – Location Indonesia Surfing Championship.

canggu beach

As for this one beach, it is synonymous with perfect sea wave conditions. Ocean waves are very long and high.

Because of this, this beach is used as the location for a surfing competition for the Indonesia Surfing Championship / ISC.

In this race, you can see the surfers conquering the waves in a very amazing way.

15. Padang Padang Bai Beach – Best For Snorkeling

padang padang beach

This beach is also the best place for snorkeling.

The sea conditions are still very well maintained. There are hundreds of species of fish with beautiful colors.

The coral reefs are also well preserved and very natural.

16. Tanjung Benoa Beach – Water Sport Tour

tanjung benoa beach

Meanwhile, Tanjung Benoa beach will be very famous for water sports. Because of that, the beach also got the nickname as Bali is Water Sport Tour.

The number of watersports on the beach is very complex and challenging. Starting from surfing, water parasailing, surfing, snorkeling, diving, seawalker and so on. The water sport rate is also not so expensive.

17. Sawangan Beach – riding a camel while exploring

sawangan beach

The interesting thing that you will get on this beach is camels.

Camels are one of the typical animals of the desert area. However, it can be found easily just by visiting Sawangan beach.

Not only can you watch camels, but you can ride a camel while exploring along the Sawangan beach area.

Riding the camel is the main spot / ride on this beach. The fare from the camel rides is quite cheap and starts from ± 300,000.

Thus the reference list of beaches in Bali that you can visit.

By visiting the beach, you can witness a special moment that will not necessarily be found in other beach resorts.

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