60 Top Things To Do in Bali Indonesia

by Bali Indonesia

Best things to do in Bali Indonesia – if you want to vacation in Bali, certainly confused looking for sites and information activities can be done in Bali. I will help you in conveying information activities you can do in the various tourist object in Bali.

Actually, there are many object that exist in Bali. But here I will discuss the most popular tourist object and visited by many tourists, among others:

Top things to do in Tanah Lot Bali Indonesia

Tanah lot bali

In Tanah Lot Bali Indonesia, there are many activities that tourists can do, but the most popular are:

  1. Seeing the sunset at Tanah Lot
  2. Touching the sacred snake on the ground lot
  3. Make a photo prewedding
  4. Seeing the temple in the middle of the sea
  5. Shopping in the land lot
  6. Culinary in the land lot

Top things to do in Kuta Beach Bali Indonesia

Kuta Beach Bali

There are so many things to do at the kuta beach, that’s why Kuta Beach is very famous all over the world, best things to do in bali indonesia for honeymoon in kuta beach:

  1. Swim in Kuta beach
  2. Surfing at Kuta beach
  3. Shopping at Kuta beach
  4. Sunbathing on the beach of Kuta
  5. See sanset in Kuta beach
  6. Concert at Kuta beach
  7. Seeing the turtle breeding
  8. Culinary in Kuta beach

Top things to do in Kintamani Bali Indonesia

Kintamani bali

if you are a tourist who likes to climb mountains then you can visit Kintamani Bali Indonesia, here there are many things to do:

  1. See Mount Batur
  2. See Lake Batur
  3. Culinary mountain views
  4. Climb Mount Batur
  5. A boat ride towards Trunyan
  6. Seeing dogs typical Balinese kintamani
  7. Swim in the warm water bath

Top things to do in Bedugul Bali Indonesia

Bedugul bali

In Bedugul Bali, Indonesia is visited by a lot of tourists with their families, you should also visit it if you come to Bali

  1. Picnic with family
  2. Learning while watching various kinds of plants
  3. Clayey view from the top of the tree house
  4. Playing Adventure Park
  5. Shopping snacks transform souvenirs
  6. Seeing the sights flower garden
  7. Go to ulun danu tample
  8. Boating on the lake objections
  9. Fishing in the lake objections

Top things to do in Lovina beach Bali Indonesia

Lovia beach

in lovina beach Seeing the sights Lovina beach, you can shopping, best thing to do in lovina beach:

  1. Seeing the sights Lovina beach
  2. Seeing the dolphins (at 6 am)
  3. Shopping on the beach lovina
  4. Culinary in Lovina Beach

Top things to do in Uluwatu Bali Indonesia

Uluwatu bali

best things to do in Uluwatu Bali Indonesia

  1. Seeing the unique temple
  2. Watched dance performances bali
  3. Seeing the sunset uluwatu
  4. Witnessing Hindus who pray

Top things to do in Jimbaran Bali Indonesia

Jimbaran bali

best tings to do in Jimbaran Bali indonesia

  1. Culinary seafood
  2. See Susnet on Jimbaran beach
  3. Playing on the beach
  4. Choosing a romantic restaurant for dinner

Top things to do in Monkey Forest Ubud Bali Indonesia

Monkey Forest ubud bali

in ubud bali Indonesia there is a monkey forest, very many tourists visit this place to just give food to the monkeys, or take pictures together, Best things to do in Ubud bali indonesia

  1. See the monkeys at Monkey Forest Ubud
  2. Shopping for souvenirs typical of Bali
  3. Driving around the green forest
  4. Feed the monkeys
  5. Photographed with monkeys

Top things to do in Jatiluwih Tabanan Bali Indonesia

Jatiluwih tabanan bali

Here you can see a very beautiful view of the rice fields, eat regional specialties and go cycling, best thing to do in Jatiluwih Tabanan Bali Indonesia

  1. Seeing the beautiful rice terraces
  2. See Subak in tabanan
  3. Culinary food Jatiluwih
  4. Cycling in Jatiluwih

Top things to do in Gitgit waterfall Bali Indonesia

Gitgit waterfall in bali

here you can bathe in a waterfall, best Things To Do in Gitgit Bali Indonesia:

  1. See beautiful waterfalls unique
  2. Trekking seek many waterfalls
  3. Saw lots of monkeys on the streets
  4. Bathing in the vicinity of the waterfall
  5. Buy souvenirs typical of Bali

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