8 The Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Bali Besides the Beach

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Bali is more popular on beaches than in other tourist sites in Bali. Although it’s been a great many scattered sights which are not based on a new beach.

No wonder tourists visiting Bali the first time going to the beach as a destination for a good start. Because Bali is a region of islands surrounded by the beach.

Usually, the foreign tourists would love to take a vacation to the beach in Bali just for sunbathing, enjoying the scenery and enjoy  or waves that are used to surfing activity for those who are already professionals.

These Beautiful Sights Besides the beach in Bali

But don’t you guys had time to think about whether in addition to its beaches, there are still other sights that can you guys visit while holidaying in Bali? because of as good as any of the beauty of the beaches, as beautiful as any evening the beach surely you guys still want more variation mood instead.

There are actually a great many sights in Bali that is not only the beach or sea-based. For example, tourist attraction Temple entitled hist with religious tourism, attractions waterfalls are not less wonderful with other outside Bali, tours of the Lake, mountains, museums, art and much more you guys visit when vacationing got back.

And this time, wibara will provide some interesting tourist destinations of bali that is not only beach-based but still fun to visit.

Beautiful sights Besides the beach in Bali
Here are 7 of the Bali tourist attractions besides the beach which can be used as references for you guys visit while vacationing in Bali.

  • 1. Lake Beratan Bedugul
24 8 The Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Bali Besides the Beach
Danau beratan bedugul

One of the Lakes of the 4 lakes in Bali is Lake Beratan which is located in Bedugul. This Lake is a natural lake that has a very beautiful natural scenery.

You can enjoy a magnificent view of the Lake while enjoying a meal at the stalls that are on the outskirts of Lake Beratan. Usually, people who want to travel to North Bali from Bali’s South will stop over in advance to the Lake Beratan is to simply unwind when driving.

26 8 The Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Bali Besides the Beach
Bali holidays spot

The unique of this lake is the presence of temples on the outskirts of the Lake. The name of this temple is Ulun Danu Temple which also has amazing exotic. The Lake is located on the plateau so that its location is very beautiful and soothing so that it becomes the best choice of you for tiredness.

  • 2. Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)
28 8 The Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Bali Besides the Beach

Vast tourist sites and a variety of art and cultural performances in Bali, Garuda Wisnu Kencana or often shortened to GWK. GWK is a giant sculpture that later became the icon of the island of the gods.

It tells the story of Garuda Wisnu Kencana that deal with tundangan Lord Vishnu viz. Garuda. Patun is not fully completed or new only about 15% of its original form.

However, this statue looks very grand and mighty. In the surroundings, you will find a variety of GWK limestone cliffs towering. It is in this area are often held in the Theater Arts.

  • 3. Temple of Besakih
30 8 The Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Bali Besides the Beach
temples besakih

Bali is famous as the island of a thousand temples. The term is not too excessive given the number of temples built in Bali. Each village pakraman alone at least have 3 pieces of temples.

One of the largest temple sects became the Centre of Bali’s mother temple of Besakih. This is where the Hindus do worship. A great many indigenous Hindu ceremonies conducted at the Temple of Besakih.

In addition, it is also the place of the lowliest staging a wide variety of indigenous dances of Bali related to religious rituals. The play will be performed when there is a sizable religious ceremony at Besakih Temple.

  • 4. the Monkey Forest
the monkey forest ubud

One of the attractions in Bali, in addition to the well-known beach, is located at Monkey Forest Ubud. Just as the name implies, Monkey Forest is inhabited by thousands of wild monkey tail which roam around the area of the forest.

APE-ape who were there said to be sacred by the locals. As visitors, we should not disturb and harass ape-ape who were there. But if you guys could give food to the monkeys who were there.

In addition to enjoying the wild life of the APE, you can also enjoy the coolness of the air resulting from the shady trees that grow there.

  • 5. Lake Batur Kintamani
32 8 The Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Bali Besides the Beach
lake batur kintami (danau batur)

In addition to Lake beratan, Lake Batur also is the most sought after tourist destinations in Bali. This place is one of the best alternatives for you who already ‘ bored ‘ enjoy the beaches in Bali.

Lake Batur is located on the highest mountain in Bali, namely, mount Batur. The Lake is also a lake in the most extensive of the four lakes in Bali. Because it is on a plateau, Lake Batur area has certainly had a very cool and beautiful.

In the area of Lake Batur in the wake of many restaurants that are perfect for you guys to make a place for lunch. While enjoying the dishes provided also enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Batur Kintamani.

  • 6. the Kecak dance in Uluwatu Temple
34 8 The Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Bali Besides the Beach
Ulumatu temple

Uluwatu Temple is a temple located at the tip of the foot of the island of Bali. It is said on the other end because it is set the tanks on the high cliff face directly to the sea.

Enjoy the Kecak dance in Uluwatu is indeed becoming the best alternative in addition to the beaches in Bali. Kecak dance is a typical Balinese dance which blends dance with musical accompaniment resulting from the sound of the dancers. “cak … cak … cak “voice of male dancers who sit around a circular main dancer.

The resulting sounds the dancers rotate and mutual resulting in a tone that is exciting and tasty in the hearing. Kecak dance performances are usually held in the afternoon at Uluwatu.

  • 7. Garden Safari: Bali Safari and Marine Park
36 8 The Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Bali Besides the Beach
Bali Safari and Marine Park

In addition to the beaches, lakes, temples and more, it turns out there is also Balinese travel education in the form of Safari Park: Bali Safari and Marine Park. This tour is perfect for all of you who are already married. Invite the children to this place will make their hearts become happy.

Because you will see a variety of wild animal species from various places in the world here. In addition when at dusk certainly there will be many things that are unique and interesting are republished here.

When a late start to arrive then you guys will be invited to surround the garden safari and meet the animals who did indeed start actively at night. The atmosphere is becoming very exciting and challenging, but you guys don’t hesitate to question the security factor.

Security at the Safari Park is very awake. For example when you guys are invited to tour the ‘ African Savannas ‘ that indeed there is a huge number of wild animals such as lion, Tiger and his brothers you will be inside a cage.

So even though you guys have seen from a very close distance, you guys will be safe while in confinement.

  • 8. Feel the excitement of being a farmer in Tabanan
38 8 The Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Bali Besides the Beach
Feel the excitement of being a farmer in Tabanan

One of the other interesting activities for those of you who are tired at the beach is to participate directly into a farmer in Tabanan. there you guys will be invited to taste how his difficult for planting rice to be ready to harvest.

Starting from plowing rice paddy, planting seeds and much more. You will feel  with the family in the struggle into a peasant family. In addition to the , this activity can also be a means of education to children that to get a bowl of rice needs to be hard struggle carried out by farmers.

After plowing rice fields you guys can enjoy soothing massages-Peja tan to be able to stretch your muscles.

That’s the beautiful places in Bali, in addition to the beach. There are actually many more tours in addition to beaches in Bali. You guys can follow Bali everywhere and you will find a variety of interesting sights in your adventure.

Don’t be afraid to get lost, what else is now his GPS. In addition, residents of Bali is also famous for its hospitality. So fit the proverbial ‘ Ashamed ‘ misguided way of asking.

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