Pandawa Beach – Here are 8 Attractions as a Secret Beach in Bali

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Pandawa Beach Bali is one of the famous beaches in Bali. As we all know, Bali is an island with an area of ​​5,000 square kilometers with natural charm that has become a world-famous Indonesian tourist icon.

Beach tourism is indeed a favorite of travelers who vacation in Bali . There are so many beaches with natural views and fun tourist activities in Bali. One of them is Pandawa Beach.

23 Pandawa Beach – Here are 8 Attractions as a Secret Beach in Bali
Pandawa beach bali

This beach is one of the tourist spots in Bali that is a pity to miss when you are on vacation to the ‘Island of the Gods‘. So take some time here.


Pandawa Beach is located in Kutuh Village , South Kuta, Kab. Badung, Prov. Bali. This beach which offers a panoramic view of the blue sea and beautiful white sand is no less interesting than other beach tours in Bali.

25 Pandawa Beach – Here are 8 Attractions as a Secret Beach in Bali
Pandawa secret beach

Its hidden location and the entrance to the location flanked by two rock cliffs had made Pandawa beach called the secret beach “The Secret Beach”.

a tourist spot with a calm atmosphere and not as crowded as most beach tourism in Bali.


How to get to Pandawa Beach

Access to here is very easy, the distance is only about 18 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport and can be reached for approximately 1 hour driving.

While the distance from downtown Denpasar is about 27 km, you can get here from Denpasar via the Bali Mandara toll road

Unfortunately, there is no public transportation that goes directly to the Pandawa Beach location. 

However, you can still go to this beach with several transportation options such as tourist buses, car rental/rental services, or using a taxi.

27 Pandawa Beach – Here are 8 Attractions as a Secret Beach in Bali
Pandawa beach bali Indonesia

Ticket Prices

Just like other tourist attractions, to be able to enjoy all the views presented by this beach, you have to pay an entrance fee in advance.

In addition to the entrance ticket, if you bring your vehicle, you will also be charged a parking fee. 

This is so that the vehicle can be free and safe even if it is left behind while enjoying the beach view.

Here are details about the entrance ticket price for Pandawa Beach that you should know.

Domestic SocietyIDR 8,000
Foreign TouristIDR 15,000
Motorcycle Parking OnlyIDR 2,000
Car parkIDR 5,000
ticket price

The entrance ticket to Pandawa Beach above is cheap compared to the price of admission to other beaches in Bali.

8 Pandawa Beach Attractions

In addition to relaxing and enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, here visitors can also do a variety of interesting tourist activities, including:

1. Swim and Enjoy the Beauty of the Beach with Freedom

Its beauty is unquestionable. The clear sea water, clean white sand, and relatively calm waves make this place quite safe for swimming activities by the sea.

Interestingly, this beach is relatively quiet and not overcrowded with visitors, so you can swim as much as you want more freely.

2. Take a Photo with the Five Pandava Knights Statue in the Background

Its location behind a sturdy cliff makes the natural panorama on this beach look very exotic. 

In addition to natural tourism, the management also incorporates cultural elements on this beach

by placing five statues of the Pandawa Knights between the cliff walls.

You can take pictures or selfies with the background of the statues of the Pandava Knights such as Arjuna, Bima, Yudhisthira, Nakula, and Sadewa.

The five statues of the Pandava Knights are believed to be “guardians” of the coast who will protect the surrounding area from disaster. 

The statue is beautifully carved by native Balinese sculptors.

Still at the same location, there is also a statue of Dewi Kunti who is the mother of the five Pandawa Knights. 

All the statues were built as high as 5 meters and lined up facing the beach.

3. Sunbathe and Relax on the Beach

Visitors can also relax or sunbathe on the beach. 

There are many complete chair rental services along with wide umbrellas at affordable prices on Pandawa Beach. 

Usually available on the right side of the beach, try to go to that part if you want to rent it.

4. Get Around the Beach By Canoe

Not only swimming, taking pictures or relaxing on the beach, you can also canoe on Pandawa Beach. 

Many canoe rental services are available around the beach location.

The rental rate is quite affordable, for a canoe with a capacity of 1 person…

you can rent it at a rate of IDR 25 thousand per hour. 

Meanwhile, a canoe with a capacity of 2 people can be rented at a rate of IDR 50 thousand per hour.

Satisfy yourself to wander around and enjoy the beautiful blue sea…

against the backdrop of the majestic limestone cliffs by canoe. 

Just in case, you will also be equipped with a life jacket facility as a safety tool if the canoe is overturned.

5. Paragliding from the Top of Timbis Hill

For those of you who want to pump up your adrenaline by enjoying the beauty of Pandawa Beach from a height, please try paragliding (paragliding) above Timbis Hill.

You can “fly” and enjoy the beauty of the beach from a height with the character of the cliffs and the right gust of wind.

You can enjoy this exciting tourist activity by taking advantage of paragliding equipment rental services that are widely available here. 

The rental rates are quite varied depending on the type of package taken. Usually, paragliding equipment is rented with rates starting from IDR 400 thousand.

6. Observing Seaweed Cultivation

Pandawa Beach is not only used for tourism purposes and water sports,

around this area, precisely on the west side of Pandawa Beach,

there is also seaweed cultivation carried out by local residents.

There you can see firsthand the activities of seaweed farmers who work to tie seeds, plant, and dry seaweed.

In fact, tourists are also given the opportunity to get to know and learn how to cultivate seaweed. 

This activity can certainly be a fun alternative for educational tours when you are on vacation in Bali.

7. Relax Your Body with Reflexology by the Beach

While relaxing enjoying the beautiful beach view, you can pamper your body by trying out the services of a traditional massage therapist that many local residents offer.

The rates also vary, depending on the type of service selected. 

Usually starting from IDR 40 thousand to IDR 130 thousand, you can feel the pleasure of a massage to relax the body.

Apart from body reflexology, several other massage techniques are also offered around this place, such as

Balinese massage, Pandawa massage, foot reflexology, manicures, and pedicures.

8. Hunt for Unique Crafts for Souvenirs

Traveling is incomplete without shopping for souvenirs. 

Around the Pandawa Beach area, there are many shops selling Balinese souvenirs, such as clothes, fabrics, art items, and unique Balinese handicrafts.

The price is also relatively affordable, even if you are good at bargaining, you can get cheap prices when shopping at shops around Pandawa Beach.

Facilities Pandawa Beach

Well, what about the various tourist activities that we have mentioned above.

of course, it will make you more interested in visiting Pandawa Beach, right?

In order to support the convenience of visitors in their activities at Pandawa Beach…

the manager has provided a variety of complete supporting facilities, ranging from parking areas, bathrooms, to restaurants

If you are interested in having a vacation to Pandawa Beach, don’t forget to plan it in advance. 

You can also use the services of a tour package if you want a vacation to Bali at a more economical cost.

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