Pink Beach Lombok – Location, Route, Entrance Fee & Vacation Tips

Pink Beach Lombok – Lombok has always succeeded in attracting tourists with its various unique tourist destinations. 

One of them is Pink Beach. The beach on the east side of Lombok is actually called Tangsi Beach.

The beauty of the beach is in the color of the pink sand. 

Rarely found, making this destination never empty of tourists. 

If you are planning a vacation to Pink Beach in Lombok, see the full information below.

Pink Beach Lombok Description

pink beach lombok

Pink Beach was originally nothing more than a coastal area hidden behind a tropical forest. 

His name was not so well known to the general public. Often only young people from Lombok diligently visit there. 

This is because the means of transportation and road conditions are not friendly.

In 2013, visitors began to arrive. Thanks to the massive initiative of a number of Lombok youths to promote through social media. 

Change occurs slowly with various kinds of improvement efforts. 

In this case, the government and the community work together for the betterment of Pink Beach.

Until now, the existence of Pink Beach has become one of the prima donnas in the Lombok. 

The stretch of pink sand seems to have succeeded in captivating the heart. 

Not to mention, its position is indeed in Lombok, which incidentally is one of the tourism areas in Indonesia.

Pink Beaches Lombok Indonesia

1. Location Pink Beach

Location: Desa Sekaroh, Kecamatan Jerowaru, Lombok Timur, Nusa Tenggara Barat.

2. Route to Pink Beach

To get to Pink Beach, the most popular route is from Mataram. Besides being faster, access is also easier.

From Jalan Gajah Mada, continue straight until you enter the Lombok International Airport Bypass Road. 

After exiting the road, turn onto Jalan Raya Sengkol to Jalan TGH, Lopan. 

Arriving at the T-junction, turn right onto Jalan Jendral Sudirman.

When meeting Biao Praya Park, enter Jalan Pejanggik. Then, continue straight until you enter Jalan Raya Praya-Keruak and Jalan Raya Praya-Mujur. 

Once at Jalan Raya Sengkerang, continue until you reach Jalan Raya Keruak.

When you meet the Sepapan gas station, you will find an intersection. 

Turn right onto Jalan TGH Moh. Mutawalli and keep going straight to Jor Market, then turn right onto Jor-Tutuk Street.

3. Pink Beach Opening Hours

The operating hours of Pink Beach or Tangsi Beach are open every day from 08.00 to 17.00 local time.

The best time to visit Pink Beach is in the afternoon or early morning, where the beach conditions are not so hot.

4. Entrance Fee / Pink Beach Ticket

The cost or entrance ticket to Pink Beach or Tangsi Beach is enough to pay Rp. 10,000, – only per person. However, it will be different for those foreign tourists, who have to pay Rp. 50.000,- per person.

And there is no additional fee for parking the vehicle that you bring

5. Thing to do Pink Beach

things to do pink beach

What are the highlights of Pink Beach?

Located on one of the most unique beaches in the world, of course there are several things you can do while there. 

One of the most popular is snorkeling. Diving activities in this shallow sea will be very fun.

The location of the dive is not on the outskirts of Pink Beach. 

You need to take a boat to an island called Gili Patelu which is not far from the beach.

When diving, you will find a variety of adorable marine life. 

Don’t forget the colorful coral reefs that make you forget the mainland even more. 

To be able to Snorkeling, you need to pay IDR 270 thousand. The price includes the boat, really.

In addition, if you want to just play in the water around Pink Beach, try swimming on the beach. 

The clear blue water will make you happy. Even if you don’t Snorkeling, you can still catch a glimpse of the biota and coral reefs.

However, do not occasionally swim beyond the given limit, OK.

pink beach lombok indonesia

The waves at Pink Beach are quite large, so you need to be careful.

if you don’t like snorkeling and swimming, you can explore the beach until you’re satisfied. 

The coastline is quite long, so you won’t get bored easily. 

If you are tired and hungry, try seafood culinary on the beach, guaranteed delicious.

If you are on vacation with children, take them to play with the sand. 

Building a sand castle out of pink sand will be a really fun activity.

if you like sunbathing you can do it on the beach, don’t forget to use protection and sunglasses.

6. The best tips while vacation in Pink Beach

There are several tips that you can apply while on vacation here, including the following:

  1. Make sure your vehicle has enough fuel. The location of this beach is quite far, so it is necessary to estimate the fuel to go and return.
  2. There are already many food and drink vendors there. However, bring your own drink to reduce plastic waste.
  3. No need to bring your own snorkeling equipment . The price includes equipment and a boat that will take you to Gili Patelu.
  4. Come in the morning or afternoon. Coming home too late will be troublesome for you, because the roads are still not adequate.
  5. Bring and wear sun screen , so that your skin health is maintained.

7. Pink Beach Hotels

1. Eco Garden Resort

Adrift of 11.3 kilometers, only priced at Rp. 147,000 per night for a standard sized room. That also includes taxes. 

Public facilities provided include WiFi, 24-hour stand-by reception, restaurant, parking, and air conditioning. 

Located in Ekas Village. Its position is quite strategic, close to Lombok Airport and various other beaches.

The shape of the building is very unique, it looks like a traditional house. 

The furniture is dominated by wood and bamboo. 

At the front is overgrown with various plants so as to create a fresh atmosphere. 

There is a lobby to welcome guests. The overall value of Eco Garden Resort is impressive, reaching 8.4 for a review on Traveloka.

2. Ekas Beach Homestay

Still in Ekas village, but this time the coastal panorama is ready to welcome you. The building extends like a hostel. 

The design is dominated by bright colors. Single -sized mattress , it is more suitable to be used to stay alone for one room. 

You will be charged a rate of IDR 205,882 per night and includes tax.

The general facilities are WiFi, parking, and a full 24-hour reception. 13.9 kilometers from Pink Beach. 

In the vicinity there are Jawa restaurants, also surrounded by various other attractions.

3. Tunak Cottage

Adrift of 22.7 kilometers, the location is on Jalan Pantai Bumbang, Mertak Pujut, Central Lombok, Kuta. 

The general facilities are restaurant, air conditioning, WiFi, parking, 24-hour stand-by reception.

The expanse of blue sea becomes a common sight when you look back. 

The front yard is filled with neatly arranged plants, as well as the streets like paving blocks. 

There is a swimming pool waiting for you, located right by the sea.

Entering the room, the interior design is dominated by pastel colors. 

There was a lounge chair by the door, a soft-looking mattress, and a set of tables. Several paintings stick to the walls. 

There are also rooms that prepare two beds at once. 

The rate per night is quite affordable, estimated at around IDR 399,500. Only paid at check-in .

Those are some tourist information about Pink Beach in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, which can be your vacation guide.

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