10 Most Recommended Beach Tours in Aceh

Indonesia has many provinces and each province has its own charm. In this case, Aceh can be a destination that is also worth visiting. 

This province has a beauty that many people do not know.

Aceh is one of the most remote provinces in Indonesia. 

To be precise, Aceh is in the westernmost province and is located on the island of Sumatra. 

Aceh is indeed famous for its culture, such as the Saman Dance which is already worldwide. 

However, Aceh also turns out to have natural beauty that is no less beautiful than other tourist attractions, especially when it comes to beaches.

The beach is a special attraction in Aceh. With its geographical location bordering the sea, it is not surprising that the coastline in this province is quite long and this gives rise to many beautiful beaches. 

If you also like to vacation, here are some beach tourist destinations that you can visit around Aceh.

Iboih Beach

iboih Beaches

Location: Jl. Iboih Beach, Iboih, Kec. Sukakarya, City of Sabang.

The first beach that is worth a visit is Iboih Beach. This beach presents a view that is still very beautiful and still not too crowded. 

Moreover, the location of this beach is on the edge of Pulau Weh, which is one of the islands in this province and is one of the outer islands in Indonesia. 

Because of this, this beach feels still very natural.

Many people refer to this beach as a hidden paradise. 

The beach water is very clear with very beautiful blue shades. Plus, the sand on this beach is pure white. 

If you take pictures on this beach, maybe people will not think that this beach is in the Aceh area.

White Sand Beach Lhok Mee

Lhok Mee Beach

Location: Lamreh, Kec. Grand Mosque, Kab. Aceh Besar.

The second beach that is worth a visit is Lhok Me Beach. People also sometimes call it the White Sand Beach of Lhok Me. 

As the name implies, this beach has a very beautiful white sand area. 

In some parts of the sand that have been submerged in seawater, there are also plants that grow and this is the main attraction on this beach.

In addition to this beauty, the color of the sea water on this beach is also very beautiful. 

The blue color feels very clear. People will be very happy to sit and relax by this beach. 

What’s more, the water is also relatively calm, so it’s quite safe if you want to play water with your children around the beach.

Lange Beach

Lange Beach

Location: Lam Lhom, Kec. Lhoknga, Kab. Aceh Besar.

Lange Beach is the next recommendation that you should visit in Aceh. 

This beach presents a view that is no less beautiful than the two previously mentioned beaches. 

On this beach, there is an area in the form of a stretch of clean white sand and there is also a plain area which is a rock.

One of the highlights is in this rock area. This rock has many holes and crevices. 

From this, an interesting natural phenomenon occurs. 

When there is water crashing on this coral plain, it is not uncommon for people to see water gushing from the existing rocks. This is a very unique natural attraction.

Lanaga Beach

Lanaga Beach

Location: Jl. Bakti Pemuda No.04. Meulaboh, Kec. Johan Pahlawan, Kab. Aceh Barat.

Lanaga Beach is a beach that is also famous for being very beautiful. 

This beach does not have a wide stretch of white sand, because some areas have plants that grow and this is actually the main attraction. 

This makes relaxing on the beach less hot and you can also find a shady area.

The character of the water on this beach is relatively calm. You can see the clear sea water which looks very charming. 

Apart from these views, there are also many activities to do, such as riding a jet ski. 

In fact, on certain occasions, a boat race is also held.

Lampuuk Beach


Location: Jl. Raya Lampuuk, Meunasah Lambaro, Lampuuk Beach, Kec. Lhoknga, Kab. Aceh Besar.

This beach is arguably one of the most famous beaches in Aceh. 

However, this beach had suffered severe damage after the tsunami that occurred. 

Now, the condition of this beach is much better and has returned to display natural scenery that will make you very interested in seeing it.

This beach feels very beautiful with the curve of the coastline. This beach offers a mix of clear blue water and soft white sand. 

Around this beach, there are also areas of cliffs and trees that grow naturally.

Sumur Tiga Beach

Sumur Tiga Beach

Location: Iem Meulee, Ie Meulee, Kec. Sukajaya, Sabang City.

Sumur Tiga Beach is another beach which is also located on Pulau Weh. 

Of course, because of its location on a separate island, this beach still feels very natural and its natural beauty is really still very well preserved.

What’s interesting about this beach is the name. 

According to the name of this beach, people say that on this beach there are three wells and this well is a fresh water well. 

This is quite strange because the well is actually only a few meters from the beach.

Anoi Hitam Beach

Anoi Hitam Beach

Location: Anoe Itam, Kec. Sukajaya, Sabang City.

The name of this beach describes the condition of this beach. Anoi Hitam Beach means a black beach. 

This black sand color is formed naturally and this happens because of the mangrove forest area. Of course, this is an attraction in itself.

In addition to the exotic black sand, this beach also has a very beautiful coral reef area. 

This is perfect for lovers of underwater beauty. 

In addition, there is also a Japanese heritage bunker located on a hill that is still in the same area as this beach.

Tapak Gajah Beach

Tapak Gajah Beach

Location: Ie Meulee, Kec. Sukajaya, Sabang City.

This beach is also located on Pulau Weh. However, the geographical conditions are relatively different from other beaches. 

The coastline is not wide, so there are not many areas with white sand to relax.

However, the main attraction of this beach is its underwater beauty. 

Many people come to this beach to snorkel and watch the beautiful sea panorama. This is absolutely amazing.

Rubiah Island

Rubiah Island

Location: Iboih, Kec. Sukaraya, Sabang City.

One area of ​​this island does offer a complete package of beach beauty. 

Rubiah Beach itself offers the beauty of the sea that looks very beautiful and clear. The location is also relatively easy to reach.

However, what is very special is the underwater life. 

This is actually a marine park and the marine life in it is very beautiful and diverse. 

No wonder people are always interested in diving and snorkeling at this beach.

Alue Naga Beach

Alue Naga

Location: Andaman Sea, Alue Naga, Kec. Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh City.

This beach presents a stretch of sea that looks very wide and unlimited. 

This view is one of the attractions of this island. 

In addition, the comfortable sand area is also a comfortable place to be with family.

However, the highlight of this beach is actually the sunset view. 

Sunset on this beach feels very perfect because of the position of the beach facing the setting sun.

Those are some recommendations for beach tourism in the Aceh area. 

The beaches in this province are very beautiful and most of them are still very beautiful. 

No wonder when the water is still very clear. In fact, some areas have marine life that is very well preserved.

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