Tanah Lot Temples – Attractions, Entrance Fee, Best Time to Visit

Tanah Lot is one of the important temples for Balinese Hindus and the location of the temple is located on a large rock off the coast. 

Tanah Lot Temple is a tourism icon on the island of Bali. 

In addition, it is one of the famous tourist objects on the island of Bali that must be visited. 

Because this tourist spot in Bali is so famous, almost every day, this tourist attraction is always crowded with tourist visits.

The activities of tourists who are in the temple area, most of them will take a walk, take photos. 

Some tourists sit back and relax while enjoying corn on the cob while waiting for the beautiful view of tanah lot temple at sunset bali indonesia

Tanah Lot Temple Bali

tanah lot temples

Furthermore, the temple was built in two different places. 

One temple is located on a large boulder, and the other is located on a cliff jutting into the sea similar to the tourist attractions Pura Luhur Uluwatu Bali.

This cliff connects the temple to the mainland. And the shape of a curved cliff like a bridge.

In addition, Tanah Lot Temple is part of the Kahyangan Jagat Temple in Bali, which is intended as a place to worship the guardian deity of the sea.

At high tide, the temple will be seen surrounded by sea water. 

Underneath there is a small cave in which there are several sea snakes. 

Meanwhile, at high tide, you will be able to walk closer to the temple location.

tanah lot temple bali

Holy Snake

Sea snakes have characteristics, a flat tail like a fish, black with yellow stripes. 

According to the story, the sea snake is the incarnation of the temple shawl.

Furthermore, the founder of the temple was a Brahmin from Java who wandered to Bali. 

His name is Dang Yang Nirartha . It is said that the sacred snake Tanah Lot was assigned as a temple guard.

Attraction of Tanah Lot Bali

Along the road to tourist attractions, there are many inns. Starting from simple inns, to villas and five-star hotels.

This tourist spot on the island of Bali is very crowded with tourists, especially in the afternoon, before sunset.

From the parking lot to the temple area, there are many shops selling various Balinese handicrafts. 

For example, sculptures, paintings, beach cloths, knick-knacks, and accessories such as at the Sukawati Bali art market . 

The price is also relatively cheap for domestic and foreign tourists. 

In addition, there are food and beverage vendors, as well as toilet rentals.

There are also several hotels close to the beach in the vicinity of the tourist attractions, which host various events in the evening. 

For example, Kecak dance performances, sunset dinners, and weddings. 

The main attraction of the Tanah Lot Tabanan temple as a tourist spot lies in the.

  • The uniqueness of the location of the temple which is on a large rock. At high tide, the temple will be seen in the middle of the sea.
  • The beauty of the sunset view with the silhouette of the temple.

This tourist spot is also often one of the locations for pre-wedding photos in Bali. 

For tourists who choose the island of Bali as the location for pre-wedding photos.

Sunset at tanah lot bali

Entrance Fee

Then, to be able to enter this tourist area, every tourist is required to pay an entrance ticket to the tourist attraction.

There is a difference between the ticket price for domestic tourists and the ticket price for foreign tourists. 

In addition to paying the entrance ticket, you also have to pay a parking fee.

Then how much is the entrance ticket to the Tanah Lot temple, Tabanan Regency, Bali?

List of Domestic Tourist Tanah Lot Entrance Ticket Prices

CategoryPrice of admission
MatureIDR 20,000 / Person
Children (5-10 years)IDR 15,000 / Person.
Two Wheel Motorcycle ParkingIDR 2,000 / 1 Motorcycle.
Four Wheel Car ParkingIDR 5,000 / 1 Car.
Bus ParkingIDR 10,000 / 1 Bus.
entrance fee

Best Time to Visit

Because the main attraction of this tourist attraction lies in the beauty of the sunset view with the silhouette of the temple. So the best time to visit is at 17:00 WITA. 

Most tourists will spend vacation time at this attraction on average 1 hour 30 minutes.

Maybe you will ask, what time is sunset at Tanah Lot Temple? Because sunset times change every day, to make it easier for you to find the right sunset time, please click this link! Sunset Schedule In Bali

The Best Season of Vacation to Tanah Lot Temple

If you talk about the best season for a vacation to Tanah Lot Bali, then the answer is generally one, namely holidays during the low season. 

Then when does the low season occur on the island of Bali?

Low Season In Bali

Many Indonesian tourists do not know when the low season for tourist visits to Bali is.

For your information, the low season for tourist visits on the island of Bali occurs from mid-January to mid-April. 

In addition, the low season on the island of Bali also occurs in mid-September to mid-December.

There are many advantages that tourists get when vacationing during the low season in Bali compared to holidays during the high season in Bali. 

The advantages such as, less traffic jams, reduced crowds in tourist attractions and, cheaper hotel room prices.

High Season In Bali

The high season of tourist visits on the island of Bali occurs in July, August, late December and the first week of January. 

During the high season on the island of Bali, road traffic is very congested, tourist attractions in Bali are very crowded. 

In addition, the price of hotel rooms is quite expensive if you compare the prices of hotel rooms during the low season.

you can read it for information best month to visit bali Indonesia

Temple Address

The address of the temple is in Beraban Village, Kediri District, Tabanan Regency. The distance is about 13 km to the west of the city of Tabanan. 

From Ngurah Rai airport, to the temple location can be reached in approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.


To make it easier for you to get directions to reach the temple location, please use a Google map by clicking the map below!

The Best Way To The Location

Public transportation facilities to get to the Tanah Lot temple attractions and nearby or nearby attractions, will be difficult for you to find. 

Moreover, you stay at the tourist attractions of Kuta. Then what is the best way for a vacation, to be comfortable and safe?

If you stay in the tourist areas of Ubud or Kuta, using a taxi will make your transportation costs swell. 

The best way is to use a cheap car rental service in Bali with a driver.

There is a reason why we say, using  a cheap car rental service in Bali with a driver, is more cost-effective, comfortable and safe. 

The rental system in car rental + driver services in Bali, uses a minimum usage duration of 12 hours in one day. 

You can rent a car in Bali including fuel or without fuel, of course the rental price will be different.

As an example. You use  a Toyota Avanza car rental with a driver in Bali, the rental fee is IDR 350,000 / 12 hours without fuel. 

If you rent an Avanza car with a driver + fuel, the price becomes IDR 450,000 / 12 hours.

If you use a taxi, when the taxi is waiting at a tourist spot, the meter still runs. 

Therefore, the cost of a taxi becomes much more expensive, than using a car rental service and a driver in Bali.


Frequently asked questions such as; the price of admission, how to get to the location, as well as the best time of vacation. 

Regarding these questions, the answers have been written above.

In addition to these questions, there are several more specific questions that Indonesian tourists ask before their vacation.

Does the location have a view of the Tanah Lot temple from the far parking lot?

The distance from the location to see the view of the Tanah Lot temple from the vehicle parking area is approximately 200 meters. 
Along the way from the parking lot to the Tanah Lot tourist area, you will see many souvenir sellers.

What does Tanah Lot mean?

Tanah has the same meaning as land in Indonesian, while Lot means sea. 
So Tanah Lot means land in the middle of the sea.

Is there an access road to the rock area where the Tanah Lot temple is located? 

Access to the rock of the Tanah Lot temple location is only available at low tide. 
However, tourists are not allowed to enter the Tanah Lot temple area, unless they want to pray.

Is there a dress code when on vacation to Tanah Lot?

There is no specific dress code while on vacation to Tanah Lot. 
In contrast, if you want to enter the area within the Tanah Lot temple, it is only allowed if you want to pray and must wear a sarong, a shirt covering the shoulders and a scarf.

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