20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions

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Things To Do in Ubud Bali – Ubud is the most popular tourism area in Bali which is well known to foreign countries. 

The tourism area which is included in the Gianyar regency government is identical with art, culture and natural beauty. 

There are so many favorite tourist attractions in Ubud that you can visit. 

From natural tourism which is dominated by green terraced rice fields, to the splendor of temple buildings and royal palaces which often present stunning performances such as Balinese dances.

Especially for those of you who like shopping, Ubud provides many places to buy Balinese souvenirs such as clothes, paintings, statues, masks and many other Balinese products that you can take home.

In addition, adventure tourism is also one of the attractions in Ubud. 

You can do fun adventure tourism activities in this area such as rafting on the Ayung river, riding ATVs in rural areas, and riding elephants in Taro village. 

Ubud tourism is also supported by complete accommodation facilities, available from cheap hotels to luxury resorts.

So for those of you who want to vacation in Ubud, Bali, here are 20 top things to do in Ubud bali that are a favorite of tourists. 

About anything? Here’s the review!

20 Best Things To Do in Ubud Famous Tourist Spot

1. Monkey Forest Ubud

23 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions
Monkey Forest Ubud

Monkey Forest Ubud is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Ubud. 

If you go to Ubud, it’s incomplete if you haven’t visited this tropical forest inhabited by hundreds of monkeys. 

As the name implies, the attraction of Monkey Forest Ubud, is located in a protected forest that is still beautiful and in the forest there are many monkeys. In the forest area there is also a Hindu temple named Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal Ubud. 

Interesting tourist activities that you can enjoy when visiting this place are of course seeing and interacting with the monkeys there. 

To maintain the security and safety of visitors, there are many officers on guard in the forest area. 

Recorded to date there are no less than 340 long-tailed monkeys, which have inhabited this area for hundreds of years.

Location : Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80571

2. Puri Ubud/Puri Saren Agung (Ubud Royal Palace)

25 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions
Puri Ubud

Puri Ubud or Ubud Royal Palace is arguably one of the most popular tourism icons in the Ubud area. 

Ubud Palace is located in central Ubud, precisely on the main road in Ubud, namely Jalan Raya Ubud, so it will immediately steal your attention when you enter the central area of ​​Ubud.

The royal palace of Ubud, actually named Puri Saren Agung but better known as Puri Ubud. 

This place is the residence of the king of Ubud, Tjokorde Gede Agung Sukawati. 

Entering the puri area, you will be greeted with a Balinese architectural style that is very well maintained and magnificent with a beautiful garden setting. 

The main attraction of Ubud Palace, apart from its magnificent Balinese architecture, is the dance performances held every night, such as the Barong Ubud dance or the Legong Keraton dance.

Location : Jl. Raya Ubud No.8, Ubud, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80571

3. Hanging Gardens Of Bali

27 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions
Hanging Gardens Of Bali

Next, there is Hanging Gardens Of Bali, which is a tourist spot as well as a favorite hotel in Ubud Bali. 

Hanging Gardens Of Bali is an international class hotel with a villa concept. 

The location of this hotel is quite hidden, surrounded by forests and beautiful green rice fields. 

Not only is it a beautiful view with cool air, in this place you can also swim beautifully in the infinity pool in the form of a terrace. 

Yes, one of the attractions of this hotel is the infinity pool in the form of a terrace. Very beautiful and Instagramable. 

Not only swimming, from this pool you can also enjoy beautiful panoramas such as mountains, forests, and sunsets. This hotel can be the right choice for those of you who are on their honeymoon.

Location : Banjar Susut, Buahan Village, Payangan, Gianyar, Bali 80571

4. Campuhan Ubud Hill/Campuhan Ridge Walk

29 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions
Campuhan Ridge Walk

The next favorite tourist spot in Ubud is Campuhan Ubud Hill or known as the Campuhan Ridge Walk. 

This tourist spot offers a beautiful natural panorama with a 2 km long path that you can explore to enjoy the verdant natural scenery in Ubud. 

Walking and jogging are activities that are often done by tourists when visiting this hill. 

When you take a walk in the area along the Campuhan ridge, you will be able to see views of the hills, trees and some views of the terraced rice fields that spoil the eye.

Not only that, this tourist spot is also dubbed as the Hill of Love. 

Because this tourist spot has natural beauty with a romantic feel, especially in the afternoon and morning. 

How not, Campuhan Hill is one of the best places to see the sunrise and sunset in Ubud. 

To see the sunrise you can come early in the morning after dawn. 

After seeing the sunrise, you can jog in the morning while breathing fresh air in the morning.

Location : Jl. Bangkiang Sidem, Keliki, Kec. Tegallalang, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80571

5. Tegalalang Rice Terraces Ubud

31 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions
Tegalalang Rice Terraces Ubud

The Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Ubud are also one of the most popular Ubud tourist attractions among local and foreign tourists. 

No wonder, because this tourist spot offers beautiful and beautiful views of terraced rice fields. 

In this place you can see a stretch of terraced rice fields with a fairly steep slope. 

There are many cafes on the side of the road by the rice fields, with direct views of the Tegalalang terraced rice fields. 

This place has become one of the favorite destinations for hunting instagramable photos because there are many photo-taking spots. 

Not only that, you can also enjoy a swing ride that is quite adrenaline-pumping at the Terrace River Pool Swing.

Location : Jl. Raya Tegallalang, Tegallalang, Kec. Tegallalang, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80561

6. Taman Saraswati Ubud Temple

33 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions
Saraswati Ubud Temple

One of the religious tourist attractions in Ubud that you must visit is Taman Saraswati Ubud Temple. 

Taman Saraswati Temple is a Hindu temple located in the center of Ubud. 

This temple is intended as a place to worship Goddess Saraswati. 

Currently the Taman Saraswati temple is in demand by Indonesian tourists because it offers a photo spot with a temple architectural background, with a beautiful garden layout, and there is a pink lotus flower pond. 

The main attraction of Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud is the stage for Balinese dance performances. 

Where on this stage, dance performances are regularly held, one of which is the Balinese Kecak dance. 

Kecak dance performances at this place are usually held every Thursday, at 19.30 local time.

Location : Jl. Kajeng, Ubud, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80571

7. Hidden Canyon Guwang Beji

35 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions
Canyon Guwang Beji

Not far from Ubud, there is the Guwang Beji Hidden Canyon which is a shame if you miss it. 

Hidden Canyon Guwang Beji is a canyon located in the village of Guwang, Gianyar, Bali. 

This canyon is formed from the erosion of river water, in the form of a deep and narrow valley. 

In this canyon there is a Beji which is a “Shower of Water” which is very sacred and is kept clean by the surrounding residents. 

This one canyon is located quite hidden, so it is not surprising that foreign tourists call it a hidden canyon. 

In this place, you can swim, play in the water and hunt for instagramable photos in every corner of the canyon which is very exotic and charming.

Location : Jalan Sahadewa, Banjar Wangbung, Guwang, Sukawati, Guwang, Kec. Sukawati, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80582

8. Taro Village

The next best tourist spot in Ubud is Taro Village. This village has a green and beautiful nature. 

The cool air and trees make the atmosphere shady and cool. You will also be fascinated by the rows of people’s houses with the characteristics of traditional Balinese houses.

There is also an ox animal which is believed by the local people to be very sacred. 

In addition, you can also enjoy fun tourist attractions such as riding elephants and going around the forest at Taro Elephant Safari Park Ubud.

Taro Elephant Safari Park itself is one of the elephant ride tours in Bali and Indonesia that has been included in the World Zoo Association,

so you don’t have to worry about enjoying all the attractions at Taro Elephant Safari Park. 

Because your safety and comfort standards are international standards.

Location : Taro, Tegallalang, Gianyar Regency, Bali province

9. Green Kubu Cafe

37 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions
Green Kubu Cafe

Green Kubu Cafe is a popular recreation and hangout spot not far from Central Ubud. 

This place offers a different sensation in the midst of natural rice fields, making it an ideal place for those of you who want to enjoy dining in the midst of beautiful nature. 

Not only that, you can also see the beauty of the lotus pond with its beautiful flowers, creating a romantic atmosphere.

A number of places are provided to relax while enjoying the natural surroundings,

you can relax under colorful umbrellas in the open in the middle of the rice fields which gives a romantic impression plus four seats that resemble large soft sacks like a sofa (been bag) so that it adds to the impression of relaxation,

if If you want a shady place, there is a roofed dining room. 

Green Kubu cafe is ideal for those of you who want to relax with a beautiful, romantic and instagramable atmosphere in Bali

Location : Jalan Cinta Jl. Pejengaji No.Br, Tegallalang, Gianyar, Bali 80561

10. Gunung Kawi Cliff Temple

39 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions
gunung kawi temples

The next most popular tourist spot in Ubud is the Gunung Kawi Cliff Temple. As the name suggests,

Gunung Kawi Cliff Temple is a temple that is different from other temples in general. 

If the temple usually stands on a piece of land, then the Gunung Kawi temple is located on a cliff and its uniqueness is the main attraction. 

This tourist spot is included in an archaeological site that has a very beautiful view, with the sound of splashing water from the Pakerisan river.

This tourist spot is located in a terraced rice field area and the group of temples on the Gunung Kawi site is separated by the Pakerisan River flow so that the temples look opposite each other. 

The atmosphere is very calm and the air is cool surrounded by green trees.

Location : br Penaka, Tampaksiring, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80552

11. Kanto Lampo Waterfall

41 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions
Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Kanto Lampo Waterfall is also one of the favorite tourist attractions located not far from central Ubud. 

This 15 meter high waterfall is quite unique because it is different from waterfalls in general. 

If most waterfalls are in hilly and forest areas, Kanto Lampo Waterfall is actually in the lowlands. 

Around the river there are several large trees that thrive and there are also community plantations that surround the location of the waterfall. 

The location of this waterfall is still very beautiful and natural. 

The terraced walls of the waterfall make the flow of the waterfall not directly fall to the bottom of the river below and it makes the flow of the waterfall look more beautiful and instagramable.

Location : Banjar Kelod Kangin, Beng Village, Gianyar District, Gianyar Regency, Bali

12. Tegenungan Waterfall

43 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions
Tegenungan Waterfall

Still in the form of a waterfall tourist spot, this time Tegenungan Waterfall is one of the tourist attractions in Ubud which is targeted by many tourists who want to hunt for instagramable photos. 

Tegenungan Waterfall is not located in Ubud Bali but is close to the Ubud tourism area. 

So it’s a shame to miss if you are on vacation to Ubud.

Tegenungan Waterfall, has a height of approximately 15 meters and looks very beautiful with a very high waterfall discharge. 

It is surrounded by stunning natural scenery. The combination of green nature and clear water creates an alluring natural harmony.

To get to the waterfall, this Ubud tourist spot, you have to go down through dozens of winding stairs. 

When descending the stairs at this Ubud tourist spot, visitors can take pictures at several selfie spots. 

The spot was deliberately made, like a bird’s nest and a love-shaped root. Also from a height, visitors can see the swift flow of the waterfall.

Location : Jl. Ir. Sutami, Kemenuh, Kec. Sukawati, Gianyar Regency, Bali

13. Bali Pulina Agro Tourism

45 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions
Bali Pulina Agro Tourism

The next best tourist spot in Ubud that it’s a shame to miss is Bali Pulina. 

This tourist spot has an agro-tourism concept where you can see Balinese coffee and chocolate agro-tourism gardens. 

By carrying out the concept of agro-tourism, ubud tourist attractions, Bali Pulina has turned coffee plantations into attractive natural tourist sites. 

You will be invited to a study tour to see the process of making coffee, from raw coffee to ready-to-brewed ground coffee.

After that, you will be invited to go down to the wooden stage of the Kembang Kopi Stage. 

The stage is quite wide and conical, like a boat deck. 

From this stage, you can drink coffee while enjoying views of the typical terraced rice fields of Tegalalang, Bali, which are known to be beautiful.

Location : Jl. Raya Pujung Kaja, Sebatu, Kec. Tegallalang, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80561

14. Ubud Art Market

47 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions
Ubud Art Market

For those of you who want to buy Balinese souvenirs or souvenirs, it is obligatory to visit the Ubud Art Market. 

The location is very strategic because it is right in front of Ubud Palace. 

There are two main areas in the art market of this Ubud tourist spot. West region and eastern region. 

The western region of the market, sells more merchandise in the form of art crafts. The eastern region mostly sells basic daily needs.

The types of goods sold at the Ubud Bali Art Market include T-shirts with Balinese barong masks printed on them, Beach Cloths, Balinese silver rings and necklaces, paintings and sculptures to Balinese snacks. 

Interestingly, if you are good at bargaining you will get the items you want at a low price, so don’t be surprised if this market is always crowded with tourists.

Location : Jl. Raya Ubud No. 35, Ubud, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80571

15. Sukawati Art Market

49 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions
Sukawati Art Market

Not only the Ubud Art Market, you can also hunt for Balinese souvenirs at the Sukawati Art Market. 

Its location close to the tourist center of Ubud makes this market always associated with the most popular tourist attractions in Ubud. 

Not much different from the Ubud Art Market, the main attraction of the Sukawati Art Market is its Balinese handicrafts. 

Not only that, the traders are also known to be very friendly to buyers, and the prices of the goods are among the cheapest among other art markets. 

Starting from Balinese knick-knacks, Balinese clothes to paintings, you can get everything in this market, of course, at a much cheaper price.

Location : Jalan Raya Sukawati, Sukawati, Kec. Sukawati, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80582

16. ARMA Museum

51 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions
ARMA Museum

If you go to Ubud, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the art museums that present the art of Balinese artists like no other. 

One of them is the Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA). 

ARMA was founded in 1996, by Agung Rai who is a resident of Bali who has dedicated his life to the preservation and development of Balinese arts and culture.

The tourist attraction of this museum is the collection of art objects and objects which are a number of traditional and contemporary Balinese art objects. 

Not only that, the Arma Ubud Bali Museum also stores several classic Balinese paintings from the 1930s-1940s made from tree bark.

Even at the Arma Ubud Museum, we can see the original works of Javanese artists in the 19th century, namely Raden Saleh and Syarif Bastaman. 

Meanwhile, from Balinese artists, there are artworks from I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, Ida Bagus Made, Anak Agung Gede Sobrat and I Gusti Made Deblog. 

There are even works by foreign artists, namely works by Willem Gerard Hofker, Rudolf Bonnet, and Willem Dooijewaard and the father of art renewal in Bali, Walter Spies.

Not only enjoying works of art, in this museum, you can also enjoy Theater facilities, Bookstores to Cafes, etc. 

One of the reasons many tourists visit the Arma Ubud museum, is because it has a garden design that is very thick with Balinese cultural nuances. 

Like the Lily Pound and orchid plants neatly arranged in the garden area.

Location : Jl. Raya Pengosekan Ubud, MAS, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80571

17. The Blanco Renaissance Museum

53 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions
The Blanco Renaissance Museum

Besides ARMA, the best Ubud tourist attraction that you must visit is The Blanco Renaissance Museum or popularly called the Blanco Museum. 

This museum is owned by Don Antonio Blanco who is a painting maestro born in the Philippines and is known as an eccentric artist. 

At the Blanco Renaissance Ubud Museum, we can see up close a number of his great works which are no less than 300 paintings. 

In addition to the Museum, here are also provided facilities in the form of a restaurant, art shop, guest lounge to toilets and parking lots.

Location : Jl. Raya Campuhan, Sayan, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80571

18. Tirta Empul Temple

55 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions
Tirta Empul Temple

The best tourist spot around Ubud that you must visit is Tirta Empul Temple. Besides being used as a place of worship for Hindus, the attraction of Tirta Empul Temple is the natural springs in the temple area. 

Water from natural springs, flows to the outside of the temple in the form of a water fountain. 

The water from the shower is very clear and cool and this water is then considered holy water for Balinese Hindus.

It is said that, according to the belief of the local community, bathing in this holy water can cleanse and treat oneself. 

No wonder, if you visit here, you may see residents who are purifying themselves in a pool that Balinese people usually call “Melukat”. 

In fact, some foreign tourists also often participate in cleaning themselves.

Location : Jl. Tirta, Manukaya, Tampaksiring, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80552

19. Ayung River Rafting Ubud Bali

57 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions
Ayung River Rafting Ubud Bali

Now for those of you who want to challenge your adrenaline, then Ayung River Rafting Ubud Bali can be the right choice for you. 

Ayung River Rafting Ubud Bali is a famous white water rafting place in Bali. 

White water rafting on the Ayung River is categorized as class II and III. 

Rafting activities on the Ayung river Ubud are recreational, with weak river currents. So, rafting on the river is suitable for beginners.

The uniqueness of rafting on the Ayung River is the panorama on the right and left of the river. 

Shady trees, hills filled with green trees, to terraced rice fields. Not only that, in the middle of rafting the river, you will be taken to see Balinese artist carvings in the form of Ramayana reliefs on rock cliffs.

Location : Jl. Raya Ubud, Ubud, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80571

20. Trekking The Authentic Bali Tours

59 20 Awesome Things To Do in Ubud | Must Visit Famous Attractions

Now another exciting activity that you can do in Ubud is cycling. 

There are many cycling package service providers complete with guides who will take you around to the best cycling spots in Ubud. 

One of them is The Authentic Bali Tours. This Authentic Bali Trekking provides 8 different trekking routes, with different levels of difficulty. 

You will not only cycle around the green rice fields, but also through the forest, across irrigation areas and village residents.

Location of The Authentic Bali Tours Office : Kedewatan, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80571

Those are the 20 most favorite tourist attractions in Ubud which are the target of both local and foreign tourists. So, are you ready for a vacation to Ubud, Bali?

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