Why Bali is The Best Place to Visit in 2022

by Bali Indonesia

Indonesia, a country consisting of thousands of islands between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, is the largest island nation in the world. And, despite its high population of over 263 million people, the country is home to vast wilderness, full of biodiversity.

Nature and culture in Indonesia is able to attract millions of visitors every year and the main destination is Bali. 

Bali is not only the best holiday destination for local tourists in Indonesia, but all foreign tourists are targeting Bali as their next vacation destination. 

Even Bali received an award from TripAdvisor as one of the 10 Best Islands in the World in 2015. 

Want to know the reason why Bali was chosen as the best island for your vacation?

1. Before landing, you will be treated to views of the Most Beautiful Toll Roads in Indonesia and Mount Agung

23 Why Bali is The Best Place to Visit in 2022
Toll Roads bali

Before landing, make sure you don’t fall asleep on the plane, because you can see the beautiful view of the Bali Mandara Toll Road which is crowned the Most Beautiful Toll Road  in Indonesia , with the magnificent view of Mount Agung in the background.

2. But the view from the top of Mount Agung is no less amazing

25 Why Bali is The Best Place to Visit in 2022
Mount agung bali

With a height of 3,142 meters, the view from the top of the highest mountain in Bali, Mount Agung , will give a different sensation.

3. It’s just as cool as the caldera view on Mount Batur

27 Why Bali is The Best Place to Visit in 2022
mount batur

Although its height is only 1,717 meters above sea level, Mount Batur has an attractive caldera contour with a view that is not inferior to Mount Agung. So it was crowned by UNESCO as one of the Global Geoparks or World Parks .

4. Besides that in Bali there are also many magnificent waterfalls like this

29 Why Bali is The Best Place to Visit in 2022
twin waterfall in Sekumpul

This twin waterfall in Sekumpul village is one of the most beautiful in Bali. With a height of more than 100 meters and surrounded by dense forests, you will feel that you are in the middle of ancient times

5. Or a challenging one like this…

31 Why Bali is The Best Place to Visit in 2022
Aling Aling Waterfall

Because the shape is not too high and the pool is quite deep below, you can try to slide or jump from the top of Aling Aling Waterfall.

6. Avoid crowded beaches, and visit a hidden beach: Green Bowl Beach

33 Why Bali is The Best Place to Visit in 2022
Green Bowl Beach

Green Bowl Beach , which is located in the Ungasan area, is rarely visited by people. But you have to be prepared to go down quite a lot of stairs and steep to reach this place.

7. The further you explore remote areas of Bali, the more exciting places you will find

35 Why Bali is The Best Place to Visit in 2022
Pasih Uwug

Discover the beauty of a hidden natural dam at Pasih Uwug , which is located on one of the small islands in Southeast Bali, Nusa Penida Island.

8. And the more amazing you will find!

37 Why Bali is The Best Place to Visit in 2022
Mola Mola

Still from Nusa Penida, you can dive and find various species of fish, including the rare Mola Mola fish which has a diameter of up to 3-4 meters.

9. How about this giant hollow tree? Amazing?

Benut bolong

The Bunut Bolong tree , which is more than 1 century old, is located in the Jembrana area, with a large hole with a diameter of 5 meters. It is said that during the Dutch era, they were about to be cut down but all who tried to cut them died. So now only holes are made for vehicles to pass.

10. Bali is also heaven for those of you who like challenges

39 Why Bali is The Best Place to Visit in 2022
Timbis Beach

Timbis Beach in the Kutuh area provides a suitable nature for you to paraglide while enjoying the beauty of the Indian Ocean which is surrounded by white sand beaches and steep hills.

11. Laugh at the tension (suffering) of your friends!

If you like a challenge and you know your friend is a coward, take him on white water rafting at Telaga Waja . Laugh when your friends are hysterical when your rafting jumps from this 5 meter high dam.

12. Don’t miss out on the excitement of being Iron Man for one day

41 Why Bali is The Best Place to Visit in 2022

For those of you who love water sports, you can enjoy various kinds of water sports in Tanjung Benoa , such as jetski, banana boat, parasailing. But the most exciting thing is to try this Iron Man -style flyboarding.

13. Don’t miss out on an exciting camping adventure under a million stars

Nature lovers will definitely be tempted to sleep in a 5-star hotel like the Lake Buyan Campground, which is located in the Bedugul area. An exciting experience with friends and family.

43 Why Bali is The Best Place to Visit in 2022
Lake Buyan Campground

14. Lodging in Bali is also diverse, there are unique ones like this

The wooden huts at Le Pirate Nusa Ceningan with thatched roofs will make your stay more authentic, like living on a remote island.

15. There are also those who will pamper you with the best luxury

Only at Ayana Resort , you can enjoy your breakfast directly in the swimming pool. The best luxury treatment for your vacation.

16. Don’t forget to visit beautiful cafes in Seminyak and Ubud so you can exist on Instagram

Kayjin, located in Seminyak, will serve you a variety of sushi dishes with authentic Japanese recipes. The cool interior design is guaranteed to make you not stop taking photos to upload to Instagram.

17. No trip to Bali is complete without shopping at boutique shops along Seminyak

Along Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak has become the center of boutique shops that are guaranteed to be able to channel your shopping desires while in Bali. One shop that stands out is Bali Boat Shed

18. But in the end, what distinguishes Bali from other destinations is the uniqueness of its customs and traditions

Only in Bali will you feel the excitement of performing Ogoh Ogoh and Nyepi Day where all activities on the island of Bali are stopped.

19. If you are lucky, you can witness the uniqueness of the famous Ngaben ceremony in Bali

The Ngaben ceremony is a procession of burning corpses for those who have died and also as a form of providing provisions to the Ancestors who are on their way to Sunia Loka


If we talk about the beauty of Bali, of course there is no end. In addition to the beauty and uniqueness described above,

Bali still has so many hidden treasures that you are ready to explore on your next vacation to Bali. 

In your opinion, what makes Bali the best vacation spot ?

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